Saylor Physical Therapy Testimonials!

“Allyson is very thorough and understanding. She asks a lot of questions to determine the best treatment approach. I am very thankful to her for making me stronger and feel much better.”
Dolly A. (Winter Park)

“I very much appreciated the thoroughness and personal interaction. I have improved and I’m happy for that. Allyson was extremely knowledgeable. It was a top notch experience.”
Judy L. (Winter Park)

“It is clear that the number one goal of Saylor Physical Therapy is patient satisfaction. The PT not only does an excellent job of getting the most out of the therapy but also goes out of her way to make sure the patient is as comfortable as can be. The one on one attention to the patient is really what makes this clinic stand out from the rest. The staff of this clinic care about the patient’s recovery more than anything else. After just a few sessions, I started noticing a considerable difference in the range of motion for my knee. I would definitely recommend Saylor Physical Therapy to anyone who needs it as it is clearly the best choice.”
Shahin M. (Lake Mary)

“I came to Saylor Physical Therapy with shoulder pain and lack of mobility in my left shoulder. I was taking medication for relief. After eight sessions I was no longer in pain and had increased my range of motion. Not only was the pain gone but I had exercises that I could continue on my own. When I started working with the therapist my goal was to no longer need medication for my pain and that goal was reached.”
Judy A. (Lake Mary)

“I have really enjoyed my experience here at Saylor PT. Everyone was so nice to me from the first day I walked in. Eric Ford is a great person. He knows his stuff. I have come a long ways. I couldn’t even lift my arm when I first came. Thanks to Eric I can lift it over my head. I have all my motion now. I am so thankful that I came here. I will miss everyone.”
Teresa M. (Mooresville)

“You are welcomed with a smile from Colleen and handed over to one of the best Physical Therapist around, friendly, great bedside manner, Masters in Physical Therapy. Spends a whole hour working “manually” on the problems area. Aches, pains, range of motions, targets the area with pain and works them out though planning, implementation strengthing and teaching. I encourage any of guys and gals out there who need a liile help with those pains that will not go away..please give this guy a chance, Eric Ford. Located at Saylor Therapy in Mooresville (Morrison Plantation) tell him Amy sent you.”
Amy S.

“How lucky I am to have found this excellent Therapy service! There is even hope for my aching back!!! Not only the excellent and talented Lisa – but the warmth and friendship of Melissa when I walk through the door! What more could I ask for?! Thank you – Thank you!”
Sandy S. (Palm Beach Gardens)

“I can’t believe the quality and care I am receiving at Saylor P.T. Lisa, my physical therapist, was highly recommended by my doctor. Having been in P.T. on and off over the years, this is my first time having one on one 60 minute sessions tailored for my needs. What a difference this makes! Instead of being told by a therapist to do 10 reps of each exercise as he/she goes to treat 5 other patients, my therapist stays with me the entire time. With Saylor P.T. , you are more then a number, you are greeted by a friendly staff. They make me feel like family!!! What makes Saylor P.T. Stand out is the friendly staff, one on one treatment,and most important the knowledge my therapist, Lisa brings to the treatment room.”
Fran V. (Palm Beach Gardens

“Lisa is a wonderful therapist. She’s very professional and knowledgeable. Her one hour hands on is so far superior to any physical therapy I’ve ever experienced before. I’m so glad that I found her. Melissa and Missi at the front desk are a pleasure to deal with.”
Joy K. (palm Beach Gardens)

“Dear Saylor PT – your staff is outstanding , always warm and welcoming. Lisa is the best physical therapist I’ve ever used. I always feel better at the end of each session! Thanks.”
Cheryl E. (Palm Beach Gardens)

“This is the finest physical therapy treatment I’ve ever had! Sad to say other treatments by other P.T.’s pales in comparison. Ms. Lisa Fossett is “The Best”. On a scale of 1 to 10 she is an absolute 10!! Just like Bo Derek.”
Neil H. (Palm Beach Gardens)

“Truly professional and knowledgeable physical Therapists. Full individualized attention for the duration of the session. P.S. Great Candy :)”
Harry S. (Palm Beach Gardens)

“Very professional and caring people. Concerned with progress. Creative approach to progress and listens to problems. Facility is clean, neat and welcoming! Candy and cookies are good too!”
Bernie T. (Palm Beach Gardens)

“After dislocating my knee, tearing multiple ligaments, and fracturing my Tibia playing tackle football, it seemed like everyone told me my career as an athlete was over. Eight months and 2 surgeries later, not only do I have full flexion in my knee, I am also back in my cleats on the field. I owe it all to the staff at Saylor Physical Therapy. Many Thanks!!!! ”
Hileia F.(Palm Beach Gardens)

“Saylor PT has made such a huge difference in my life. I was going to another PT clinic and the PT would be on the computer typing instead of treating me and then pass me off to another person after 20 minutes. My brother Tommy had been a patient of Lisa’s prior and told me about her so I thought I would give her a try. At Saylor PT from my initial evaluation with Lisa to every visit I have had since has been 100% with only Lisa and she hasn’t taken her eyes off my progress even once in any of my one hour long treatment sessions. The level of care Saylor PT provides to it’s patients is amazing. The front desk was so welcoming and well organized and always seems very happy to see the patients. They even greet you with free chocolates and coffee and water if you would like it. It is a warm, welcoming, well oiled office and I would recommend it to anyone that needed help!”
Drew E. (Palm Beach Gardens)