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Experience your Personal Voyage to Recovery
with Saylor Physical Therapy

One-on-one Treatment Visits
Decreased Recovery Time
Private Therapist Treatment Room
A Continuum of Care

Our ultimate goal is your functional return to a pre-injury lifestyle.

When looking for Physical Rehabilitation in West Palm Beach, Florida, there is only one place to get
One-on-One Navigation To Your Recovery

Saylor Physical Therapy is an independent outpatient physical therapy clinic that has locations in Florida, as well as in North Carolina. We are dedicated to being a quality based clinic, not a quantity based setting. Hence our 1 patient per hour environment. We truly care about our patient’s recovery!

Specializing in trauma, sports, work-related and pre and post-surgical cases. Our Physical Therapists pride themselves on providing individual care based on the patient’s comprehensive situation with our ONE-Factor Method of Care.